Road to the Throne

This novel was published in August of 2016 and it follows an entirely new storyline than my other novels.

Road to the Throne revolves around a young lady named Alice. She used to be a princess until her parents were thrown out of the castle by a vicious couple. Now, Alice must travel to the castle and avoid the King and Queen’s evil plots in order to regain the crown.

That’s a really short ‘unprofessional’ summary, so here’s the link to the book on amazon to check it out!

Road to the Throne

The setting is quite interesting in this novel. It takes on a feeling of the past, but with some present amenities. I loved creating this unique setting!

This novel is perfect for any age, and quite a thrilling read.

I hope you consider buying it for a young family member or for yourself!


P.S. It will be a part of a series called the Kingdom Chronicles!