Book Review: Marked

I finally read another book! It’s been forever since I’ve read a new book that I can do a book review on. Two days ago I got an email newsletter from my favorite author, Quinn Loftis, recommending a book series. Since I haven’t gotten into any books lately, I decided to purchase the first book […]

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How to Get in the Writing Mood

I think that in order to do something that is ‘optional’ you need to be in the mood to do it. For instance, I don’t write blog posts because I have to, but because, to a certain extent, I want to. Writing a piece of work also requires this level of commitment. I think that […]

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Who Am I Post High School?

Yeah, I know I’m a day late but I do have a somewhat reasonable excuse. Yesterday was my high school graduation. The most climactic moment of my life was over in the matter of two hours. My name was called, my diploma was handed to me (by my dad which was pretty cool), and then […]

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Summer Goals

I’m nearly 75% positive that last summer I did a post similar to this… but that doesn’t matter because this summer I probably have slightly altered goals. This summer I would love to publish another novel. The last novel I published was Road to the Throne in late August of 2016, so my goal for […]

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How to Edit your First Draft

Hey everyone! Today is my last Monday of high school, so I thought it’d be fitting to release some of my knowledge. I have edited (seemingly) thousands upon thousands of first drafts, so I hope that by this time I know a thing or two. I think the hardest thing to get over about your […]

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