Book Review: Red Queen

I said I was back, and here I am!

Today’s post brings you my possible new favorite book series.

Are you ready for romance and betrayal? Because I definitely was!

Let’s dive in. 

So this story tells the tale of Mare Barrow, a poor red-blooded girl living in the slums with her family. In this world, there are two different groups of people, the red-bloods and the silver-bloods. Not only does having silver-blood mean you are the high man on the totem pole, but it also means that you’ll be blessed with supernatural powers.

It is this reason, that nobody expected Mare Barrow, a clear red-blood, to have a terrifying ability. The silver-blood royal family is quick to pick her up and claim her as a lost princess. It is in the castle that Mare discovers love, friendship, and ultimately, betrayal.

I loved this book. It was interesting, action-packed, and had a fictional world that has never been exploited before. I loved the characters, and their motives, even though sometimes they weren’t exactly in the right place.

I am thrilled to read the sequel, which one of my friends has graciously lent to me. This series definitely shows promise to become the next Hunger Games or Divergent, in my opinion.

A bit of a warning for avid readers, though: the beginning can seem a little slow, but it does get better!!!


Happy Reading!




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