A New Book in 2018!

I’m back, finally. After my last post this summer at the very end of August a lot has happened.

First, I finished my first semester of college!! I’m so happy to be studying there and I am very excited for my remaining semesters.

Also….. Book #6 is almost here!!!

And by almost… I mean that in the next few weeks it will be available. I’m so very excited to finally get that out.

Book #6 completes my gemstone trilogy: The Last Emerald, The Captivating Ruby, and (new!) The Concealing Sapphire.

This book wraps up the series so when it comes out I would be very appreciative if you would get it 🙂

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the cover: download2

Other than that…. My plan for this blog in 2018 is to definitely keep up with book reviews and maybe some writing tips as I have time for them.

I hope your New Years celebration was awesome, and I hope to see you back on this blog soon!


Happy New Years!



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