Book Review: Wicked Lovely

Hey everyone!

So, I decided to stick to a Monday post schedule since I’m going to college in a few days. But I missed yesterday’s post… so here’s a delayed book review!

Today I decided to bring you a brand new book review on: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr.

I picked this one up from the library a long time ago-a great decision.


Let’s dive in.

So, fortunately for me, one of my last summer reads also happened to be one of the standouts. This novel follows a girl, Aislinn, who can see faeries. This isn’t out of the norm for her family, a trait that her mother and grandmother both have. That’s why she notices something different about the new boy in school, Keenan, as he tries to pursue her. Keenan is the King of Summer, but his powers are limited until he can find his queen. He suspects that it’s Aislinn, a good hunch. They face obstacles as Keenan’s mother, the Queen of Winter, tries to sabotage their relationship and weaken them. However, they are more powerful together, and fight back against the cruel Winter Queen.


I really enjoyed the way this novel deviated from the norm. What’s the norm, you may ask? Well if this story followed the norm Aislinn would fall in love with Keenan, they’d defeat all of the enemies and it’d be a happily ever after. Nope. This novel adds in a very important character, Seth, Aislinn’s human boyfriend who’d happily do anything for her. Aislinn loves Seth, and although Keenan’s charm is overwhelming, she doesn’t leave her love to pursue another. That makes me happy. Even though Aislinn’s life changes as she has to accept her role of power in the summer kingdom, she doesn’t throw out her old life.

One thing that I didn’t enjoy about this novel was that nothing really seemed to happen that wasn’t expected. I feel like there wasn’t enough conflict in between large plot events. Not saying that it got boring, necessarily, but the story did move a bit slow for my tastes.


But…. I have something to admit. This book review is delayed and so some of this review may be inaccurate of what I was feeling at this time. I’m almost done with the second book in this series, and I think I like it a lot better than the first.

So, I’d give the series a higher score than the first novel, but at the same time, the first novel was pretty good in terms of characters and storyline.


Happy Reading!!



One thought on “Book Review: Wicked Lovely

  1. That sounds really interesting! And like you said totally out of the norms taht stories like this follows! Will definitely add this to my reading list! Your blog looks very cool by the way. The selection of books that you have reviewd is pretty good!


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