Book Review: False Memory

I have a special announcement to make: I read another book. 

Good news, everyone: I am able to come to you this Thursday with a brand new book review. My local library has been the source of my addiction this summer. I snatched this book quite a while ago on a whim (because I liked the cover) and it ended up to be a pretty decent read.

Presenting to you: False Memory by Dan Krokos.


Let’s dive in. 

So right away we’re introduced to a girl named Miranda, who has no idea who she is. All she knows is that her name is Miranda, and she’s 17 (already incorporating the title?!). She asks for help from the nearby mall security guard who dismisses her and makes the mistake of touching her to lead her out of the mall. Miranda seems to be an ex-pro wrestler -slash- karate master as she quickly takes him down without a second thought. Moments later she gets a killer headache and the people around her seem to go crazy (like it gets really gruesome). I was really really really confused at this point because I was only, like, four pages in and already people were dying.

But, a boy appears, and he seems to know who she is. Miranda North is a part of a covert operation team that hasn’t quite made it onto the field yet. She’s joined with three others: Peter, Olive, and Noah. They’re used as weapons, because their brains were genetically altered as children. They emit waves of fear that send people scrambling in chaos (hence the mall disaster).

They learn that their ‘doctor’, who acts as their leader, has sold them to the highest bidder. Because of that, Noah alters Miranda’s memory shots, which results in her blank mind. But now, their new owner wants to try them out in the field, as in sending them in to wipe out an entire city. Good thing they have a conscience, because they fight off their orders in high style.


Overall I’d give this book a 3.5/5 because while it was full of my favorite action-packed fighting scenes, the plot line was a little fuzzy at times. I found certain aspects and ideologies confusing and caused me to read a bit deeper.

This book is curtailed for older teens, with the PG-13 fight scenes and other topics. I don’t think I’ll pursue a sequel, but if I do happen upon it in the library I don’t promise that I won’t pick it up out of curiosity.

Although, False Memory did hold my favorite subject romance, and even better, a love triangle. You’ll just have to read to see what it all entails. 😉


Happy Reading!



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