A Setting That Takes the Stage: Time Period

It’s August!!!! The start of a new month can only mean one thing…. new blog content!!! Usually I release a post explaining what my newest blog series will be about, but I was just too excited to wait!

This series will be primarily focusing on creating the best setting for your novel. I’ve read a lot of books that could have had a much better setting to fit their topic.

Our first point of study is Time Period. This is easily the most crucial topic when you’re thinking about your setting because everything that you build for your characters is around the time period your story is in.

I’ve mostly stuck within the modern era time period, but I did go outside of the box for my novel, Road to the Throne. This novel was set in the medieval time period. But, the best thing about fiction writing is that I didn’t quite have to be historically accurate. But, it was still important to me to be as accurate as I could.

So if you’re looking into creating a setting with a different time period than now, don’t be afraid to create something different than what really happened. It’s fiction, (I mean, unless you’re writing nonfiction I guess) so accuracy is not a must. But, I will say that being as accurate as you can does have perks. Unless you’re super at giving details, creating a time period that we’re already familiar with will help readers picture what your novel looks like.


Happy Writing!





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