Camp NaNo Results…

It’s finally here. The end of July. The day of truth.

The day when I either would have 25,000 words or less than. The day when I would have to reflect on what I did-and didn’t do-this month.

Let’s go back in time.

I set my word count goal to 25,000. Enough to get some valid writing time in, but not too much to make me want to tear my hair out.

I decided to work on a completely new project idea with little to no brainstorming prior to the first of the month.


I didn’t start working on this project until July 4th or 5th (sometime in there) and I started writing it on my iPad with the idea that I’d switch back and forth between my computer and my iPad.

I was off to a very slow start, to say the least.

I didn’t write at every chance I had, which hurt me.


download (1)

The next two weeks I went in spurts of not writing to writing a lot, as you can see. It honestly depended on the day. At one point, the day where I wrote 3,000 words, I decided to revisit my third novel in my gemstone series to see if I could complete it. That night and the next day I wrote 5,200 words to complete that novel. Then, I had to return back to the story idea that I had originally worked on.

download (2)

So as you can see I continued to work on my story for a pretty consistent basis. I did another 3,000 word night to get me caught up for the last few days of writing.

Although there was a lot of writer’s block at this time, I still felt confident enough that I could finish out this word count goal.


download (3)And lastly, on July 29th I got myself together and wrote 3,800 words to finish out my 25,000 word goal.

I won!!!!!!!!

I am so so so happy and excited that I stuck with it and finished it out. Not only did I finish book #6 I started a great story idea too.



Thank you to everyone that supported me!

It’s been a blast to be able to participate this month and win.


Happy Writing!




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