July Camp NaNo Update: FINAL

I can’t believe we’re down to the last few days of Camp NaNo. It feels like it was just June yesterday!! I guess time passes quickly when there’s a deadline.

At this point in time it’s a guessing game as to whether I’ll finish or not. I’m very hopeful that I will finish, but we’ll see.

My word count today (without writing) is 18,255. So with 5 days left (including today) that leaves me with 6,745 words to go.

Wish me luck!! This week was very successful, I think I wrote everyday this week except for one day. It’s getting down to the wire, that’s for sure!!

Every time I go through this program I get the same feeling when I get close to completing my goal. It’s a feeling of nervousness. I’m nervous that after all of these days, I won’t get to my goal. I’m nervous of what may happen if I don’t finish. Not being a ‘winner’, as they call it, is somewhat terrifying in the world of writing. I’m also nervous of what will happen if I do finish. Is my book well-written enough to continue?

My words of encouragement this week to all of my fellow writers out there are: don’t be afraid to win, or to lose. Just write, and find later what your outcome will be.

I wish you all the best of luck and good writing ideas!!


Happy Writing!




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