Book Review: The Rose Society

I’m finally releasing another book review!! I finished this novel about a week or two ago and I’ve been eager to talk about it.

About a year ago I read the novel ‘The Young Elites‘ which is the first book of this series. I really liked it, and the twist at the end was very suspenseful. This series is about children who survived the blood fever that now have supernatural abilities. They are treated horribly by their families and by the Inquisition. Adelina Amouteru, the main character, was abused by her father in the first novel, so terribly that she accidentally ends up killing her father and running away from home. She meets other malfettos (what the supernatural children are called) and they take her in after a series of tests. They call themselves the Daggers. They fight back against the Inquisition and help other malfettos.

At the end of The Young Elites Adelina ends up making a mistake and is cast out by her friends. This novel, The Rose Society, features her revenge and how she builds herself back up again.

I really enjoyed this book. My favorite characters returned and I got an insight on another part of Adelina’s life.

I haven’t read anything like this series before. It’s a great plot line with an obvious underlining of darkness that will take a hold of you.

So, if you’re feeling sick of the happy go-lucky YA novels pick up The Young Elites series by Marie Lu.


Happy Reading!




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