Book Review: Delirium

Guess what I did?!?

You guessed it, I dove into another YA novel and LOVED it. (What’s even new??)

This past week I read Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Needless to say, it was fantastic. I haven’t read a book written by Oliver since I read Before I Fall years ago (which is pretty good too, btw).

Okay, so let me give you the gist of what this book is about.

Our main character lives in a very closed in version of the United States. It’s a place where love is considered a disease and everybody must be cured. At or around 18 years of age teens go to get ‘cured’ of love and matched with their lifelong partner.

Lena Haloway lives with her Aunt & Uncle and her two cousins. Her father died shortly after she was born, and her mother committed suicide years after he died. Lena’s mother wasn’t cured properly and Lena and her sister were raised in a house full of love. When people began to suspect, Lena’s sister Rachel went to be cured, and her mother was going to be arrested.

This story follows Lena’s journey towards the cure, and how she begins to doubt that love is the problem.


It’s honestly one of the best books that I’ve ever read. Not necessarily because of the plot line (which was good too) but the way that Oliver was able to create this entirely different new world without the tiny unexplained holes in the plot that I usually can find.

This novel is a part of a series, so next I need to decide if I should read the next one. It checks off all of my requirements to make a worthy novel, so if you’re looking for a riveting summer read, go check it out.


Happy Reading!



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