July Camp NaNo Update: Week 1

Hey everyone! Today marks the first (almost) full week of July’s Camp NaNo. It’s been a great week, but to be honest I haven’t gotten a lot of writing in. Currently, (before writing today) I have a little under 3,000 words.

Although I was going to work on and finish my third novel in my gemstone series I just had to work on a new story idea that I had in mind.

It’s going well so far and I have a goal of 25,000 words to complete by July 31st. I’ve also been using a different program to write in.

I would consider myself a die-hard Microsoft Word gal but currently I’m writing my story in Apple’s Pages App. This lets me work on my book on my computer and also my iPad. So far so good, I really like what it’s doing for me so far.

I set my goal at 25,000 because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to write everyday but I also wanted a bit of a challenge.

If you’re going through Camp NaNo like I am please share your journey so far with me!!


Happy Writing!



2 thoughts on “July Camp NaNo Update: Week 1

  1. Oh snap on the words goal! For myself I’m writing in word and one note for on the go which is nice if I only have my phone with me. Good luck with the rest of camp 🙂


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