Book Review: The Siren

I am so so so happy to be back and bringing to you my first summer book review!!


The Siren, by Kiera Cass, was the first book I checked out this summer. It certainly set the bar high, it was such a good read!

This book featured ‘Sirens’, which are mermaid like creatures that lure sailors to their deaths to feed the Ocean. It was unlike any book I’ve read that features Sirens. Certain girls are transformed into Sirens when they are dying underwater. The Ocean (who is actually a character in the book) saves the girl if they meet a certain criteria, but they have to serve 100 years as a Siren to repay the debt.

The main character, Kahlen, has been a faithful Siren to the Ocean for each year she’s served, even though luring humans to their deaths has been extremely hard for her.

This all changes when Kahlen meets Akinli on a college campus, and she falls extremely hard. The Sirens aren’t allowed to have families or lovers during their years of service, but Kahlen is clearly meant to be with Akinli.

I love the spin this story puts on the usual ‘Siren/Mermaid’ story. I felt a real-life connection with the main character, even though I’ve never been through what she went through. This connection is rare for me.

It made me power through the book in a matter of days.

Although there weren’t any cliffhangers at the end, I was still bummed to find out that this book was not going to be a part of a series.


So, if you’re looking for a juicy read with a not-so-predictable story line, The Siren is the book for you!


Happy Reading!



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