Book Review: Marked

I finally read another book! It’s been forever since I’ve read a new book that I can do a book review on.

Two days ago I got an email newsletter from my favorite author, Quinn Loftis, recommending a book series. Since I haven’t gotten into any books lately, I decided to purchase the first book in the series, Marked, by Jennifer Snyder. 

It was a very quick read (as in I read it in one day). While the page count wasn’t super high, this was also due to the fact that I couldn’t put it down.

This book follows the premise of a young girl, Tessa, finding out that she’s marked to turn into a werewolf because her biological father was one. Before this takes place she has to be bitten by a werewolf near her 18th birthday. Coincidentally a ‘prince’ werewolf moves into town. They, of course, fall in love and he chooses her to be his one true love (*cue the dreamy sigh*).

While this book was very well written, I felt that there could have been more content than there was. Although, the book was priced at a very reasonable $.99 on iBooks I still felt in some scenes that the author could have added more and not skipped over certain things.

But, in saying that, I was very addicted to this book from the very start (which was refreshing) and I bought the second book right away (which was sadly priced at $2.99 on iBooks and the same length as the first book. But hey, sometimes you have to splurge).

If you’re into supernatural romances and a hint of drama, this book is for you. I really liked the change in pace of this book compared to the other ones I’ve been reading.


Happy Reading!




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