July Camp NaNo Prep Week 3: Selecting Your Goal

We’re halfway through the month!! Which means… Since the first of June happened to be on a Thursday, we’re on Week 3 of prep!!

This week we’re focusing on choosing a goal that fits you. It’s difficult to do this, mostly because we usually select a goal that’s too easy or too hard to complete.

I have struggled with this in the past, so I’m ready to bestow my goal choosing wisdom upon you.

Let me take us back a few years. The year is 2013, I’m a young freshman with minimal life commitments. The youth NaNo site recommended doing 30,000 words as your goal, so that’s what I did and I didn’t have any problems reaching the goal. I mean, it pushed me but not too much.

So fast forward to April of 2014, I choose a new goal of 35,000 words and I complete it. This goal selection keeps up until we hit November of 2016. I all of a sudden decide that I’m ready to hit up a 50,000 word goal. It goes without saying, you know it didn’t go well.

What I’ve learned from this experience is to not try to make huge jumps in goals, especially when you now have a job and more life commitments than you did 3 years ago.

So this is what I recommend for you. If you’ve never done this challenge before, first you need to take a look at your commitments at the moment.

A 30,000 word goal will take you at least an hour or more a day to complete. Don’t have that kind of time? Cut your goal in half.

And if you’ve done this challenge before, don’t get too crazy. You can always up your word count goal (you can lower it too, but it’s more depressing) if you get on a roll.


July is coming!!!

Happy Writing!



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