Who Am I Post High School?

Yeah, I know I’m a day late but I do have a somewhat reasonable excuse. Yesterday was my high school graduation. The most climactic moment of my life was over in the matter of two hours.

My name was called, my diploma was handed to me (by my dad which was pretty cool), and then it was over. I remember sitting down and thinking, “Wow, that was over pretty quick”. Also, my last 13 years of education at LakeVille seems to have gone by in a few short seconds.

I remember thinking that I would never get to this point in my life, but I did. Now, with college looming on the horizon, I’ve got a few short months to figure out who I am after high school.

Am I more confident in myself? Am I quieter, louder? Do I have more to say? Am I smarter, more calculating? Do I understand life better? Am I an adult now? Do I have what it takes to succeed?

I think the answers to all of my questions can be found in myself. Does a diploma make me more confident in myself? No. When I think about all of the sweat, blood, and tears that went into that diploma, does that make me more confident in myself? Certainly.

I know that I haven’t learned everything that I’m going to learn in my life in these short 13 years, but I know that I have enough that will allow me to ‘figure it out’. I know that when needed, I can do research, study, and be tested on any topic that I put my mind to. I know that hard work isn’t something to be scared of, but to understand where it will put me at the end. I know that I’m not scared to say no sometimes, but I’m also not scared to say yes.

The world is large, and I am glad. I know that getting lost only means that you’re on your way to being found again. Tomorrow may seem scary, and I think it still is for me. But when I look back on yesterday I only see hope for my future.

You are who you are. And you’re going to be whoever you see yourself as today.

I know that after high school I am little changed from who I was during high school. For that, I am thankful.

And while I do know that larger changes are looming on the horizon, I know that I can face them to become who I want to be.


I still don’t fully understand it when people say “High school is the best time of your life” because high school has been the majority of my life, and currently I’m just glad that it’s over. But I’m ready to find out what that saying means to me in the years to come.


Happy Writing! (Sorry it wasn’t really a writing post though, lol)



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