July Camp NaNo Prep Week 1: How to Select Your Writing Genre

I know it’s just the first day of June, but today we’re going to talk about July. Thankfully for you (if you’re a writer) and for me (who is an unorganized writer) it is not yet July 1st yet.

July has taken on a whole new meaning for me the last several years. Instead of 4th of July and summer vacation being the first few words that pop into my mind, I am instead thinking about Camp NaNo WriMo.

But anyways, we lucked out because today is June 1st and all we have to do this month is plan for the upcoming writing extravaganza. Today marks the first day of week one of prep work, so we’re going to talk about genre selection.

Genre selection is very important. And since we’re not planning for our largest challenge (November NaNo WriMo) I think it’s important that we focus on laying out the vital groundwork for our novel instead of jumping right into the plot.

When you’re selecting your genre it’s important to know your options (trust me, there’s a lot).

We have our common genres:

  • Horror
  • Humor
  • Mystery
  • Thriller

But there’s also an onslaught of subgenres. This picture is taken from Wikipedia.


So there you see Horror and Science Fiction as our main genres with the underlying categories as the sub-genres.

It’s very useful to browse these categories so you can see what catches your eye and plan out what would be interesting for you to write about.

That brings about another tip. I know I’ve said this before but: write something that you’d be interested in reading!

It gives the writing a better quality and you won’t get bored in the writing process.



That’s just about all I have on this topic for today. I left a link to the Wikipedia page I used to give examples on genres.


Happy Writing!



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