Summer Goals

I’m nearly 75% positive that last summer I did a post similar to this… but that doesn’t matter because this summer I probably have slightly altered goals.

  • This summer I would love to publish another novel. The last novel I published was Road to the Throne in late August of 2016, so my goal for this year is to publish the third installment of my Gemstone Series. I’m about 80% done with the novel as of right now, so I see its completion on the horizon.
  • 2017 July Camp NaNo WriMo. Last year’s July camp was sort of a wreck, but I ended up with 10,000 words of a novel that I haven’t touched since then. My hopes are to work on that novel this July and maybe even finish it! (But let’s not get too crazy.)
  • Reading challenge anyone? I’m super excited to break into summer reading, because that’s when I read/purchase most of the books. Book suggestions are encouraged and welcomed at this time.
  • Book giveaways!!!! I really really really want to do a book giveaway for my email blog subscribers. So, if you’re already not subscribed do it now!


I am 100% in love with summer weather, summer break, and just the idea of summer in general! Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do or you have a vacation home way up north. June starts in a couple of days and I cannot be more excited to begin July Camp NaNo prep!!!


Happy Writing!



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