The Perfect Character: The Art of Character Weakness

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Is it just me or is this week going by super fast? Not only has it gone by fast, but it’s my last full week of high school!!


Today we’re going to talk about the art of character weakness-which is super underappreciated btw.

I think when a writer is willing to give their favorite character a few flaws it not only shows their talent but also their knowledge of advanced characters.

Like we’ve talked about previously, adding real elements to your character makes them more real. Weaknesses, naturally, are included in that claim.

Honestly, character weaknesses aren’t that hard to implement. It could be a small scene where a ‘villain’ character is bullying your character and they don’t stick up for themselves or others.

Dialogue, facial expressions, and small actions are all ways that you can describe their weakness. I think that the understated weaknesses are the best ones. Enough scenes that address the weakness, but not too many where you begin to dislike the character for their constant weakness. (It’s not too hard to tell when enough is enough.)


Also…. not only are weaknesses good for character development but they can lead to the defeat of said weaknesses which adds even more to your novel.

So, when you’re creating your character brainstorm, add a few weaknesses down to help you plan.


  • Poor time management
  • Unavoidable bouts of anger
  • Easily jealous/ unappreciative



Good luck to you and your characters!

Happy Writing!



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