Camp NaNo Week Two Update:

Sometimes things don’t go the way you plan. This last week I planned to get up to 15 hours, but sadly I report to you today that that isn’t what happened. I truly believe that things happen for a reason, so perhaps this month I was just not meant to complete substantial time on my novel.

That means two things to me:

#1 next month I will be working on my book.

#2 this month maybe I need to focus more on what I can do rather than what I can’t.


April has been so busy, and I’ll spare you the recap of my schedule this time, but one thing that I need to come to terms with is that I’m not going to have time to do everything. I have no doubt that this is a good life lesson, even though it’s stressing me out beyond belief.

A message to April 2017 Camp NaNo participants:

I hope you’re all doing well. Hopefully you were a better judge of what you can accomplish in 30 days and you’re right on track.

This is only my third time doing April Camp NaNo, and it’s the only time that I haven’t written an entire book. Hopefully this isn’t a bad sign of things to come and I can be back on track for July Camp NaNo.

Camp NaNo is truly what you put into it, unfortunately it can’t write the novel for me.


Until next time….

Happy Writing!



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