What Not To Do When Self-Publishing

There are a lot of unspoken rules in self-publishing. Some of them I have discovered, a lot I have not. Each time that I have published something I have also learned something.

Today I want to share with you some ‘not to do’ tips of self-publishing that I myself have experienced.  Getting your book through the program is easy, but sometimes you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

  1. Do not have false expectations. Let’s face it, if you can’t devote 100% of your time and money into your novel, it won’t make top 100 even if it’s great. You need to realize that advertising is literally everything for a beginning author. Building your platform takes time, you probably won’t become a bestseller overnight (sorry to burst your bubble).
  2. Don’t select all of the selling channels. Okay, I’m about to share a very important selling rule with you. Don’t select all of the selling channels. Even though it sounds like a great idea, selecting all of the selling channels raises the cost for your novel and overall decreases the chance of someone buying it. I made this mistake when I published my first novel and didn’t even realize it. When I looked at my prices, I noticed that TLE cost more than TCR, which was ridiculous. So, I deselected the channels and was able to decrease my price to something more reasonable.
  3. Do not set anything in stone. This is so so so so so important. I talked about this tip previously in the context of setting something in stone in your novel. This time, I’m talking about publishing. So, I don’t know if anybody noticed but in the back of the Dreams of Darkness novel there is an about the author page. And in the author page it says, and I quote, “She is currently working on her third novel, The Missing Ruby, which is the sequel to The Last Emerald.” Did I ever publish something called The Missing Ruby? Nope. I didn’t. But when I published DOD, that’s what I thought the title of the book was going to be before I changed it. So what I’m saying is don’t set anything in stone that you don’t know for sure.

Those are just a few quick tips that can save you some embarrassment and costs in the future. If you have any other self-publishing questions, feel free to contact me! You can find all of that info on my About page.


Happy Writing!



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