Camp NaNo Week One Update:

Hey everyone! Happy Monday.

Today I bring you a post centered on my favorite activity of the month, Camp NaNo. It’s been one week since I began my challenge of the month and today I’m bringing you my thoughts thus far.

Number one, I’d like to say that it’s hard. Although I’ve never acknowledged that it’s easy in any way, right now I’m a bit overwhelmed. Procrastination has hit extra hard for whatever reason, and honestly there have been many times that I’d rather do anything than write, and I’ve given into it.

So far, I’ve only tackled 7 hours out of the 30 that I’m going to try and complete this month.

(By looking on my calendar I discovered that logistically I can’t do 40 hours with the workload/plans I have in place at the moment unless I gave up on some sleep, so 30 hours is the new goal.)

In my previous post I discussed how writing by the hour is very different than writing with word count in mind. I spoke of mostly the cons, but after few days I have discovered some pros to it.

  1. If you literally can’t write anything, planning out your story counts for your hours.
    • A good hour or so of my time that I’ve counted is me writing out in my notebook what needs to happen next, character arcs, ect.
  2. You’re less tempted to write lower quality stuff to get to your word count.
  3. You can be more creative with your writing tactics.
    • When I dove into this project I was under the illusion that I couldn’t do NaNo Word Sprints on Twitter, because I was counting hours not words. This made me sad that I was missing out on one of my favorite NaNo activities. Two days ago I had a lightbulb moment. When I was doing these sprints, the hours flew by. So, why couldn’t I participate? In reality I could, I just hadn’t realized it.
  4. It makes you realize the good things about having a word count goal.
    • As much as I like a new challenge, I know I probably won’t be counting my hours again for a NaNo project…

I’m going to try to get to 15 hours this week!! Hope all of your NaNo projects are going well.


Happy Writing!



(P.S. It’s my editor’s birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Katie, love you!)


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