I’m Back!

It’s been a while, but I’m finally back! I had a wonderful vacation last week over my spring break, and we made it back home Friday night. I know I missed out on two blog posts, but I was on a cruise ship and didn’t have a way (or any time) to write up a new post.

I’m finally settled back home, and ready to complete April Camp NaNo! So far it’s been interesting, I wrote for about an hour last Saturday, which I was able to document on the Camp NaNo website. One of the aspects I love about NaNo is that when you enter in your current word count day by day it will give you a chart of your progress.

This is taken from my project in April 2014 (my first Camp NaNo session!)

So as you can see, it gives you a suggested daily goal, words remaining, your average per day… which is all great. But, since I’m tracking by hours this session these functions do not work the same. I completed an hour last Saturday and when I recorded that, it didn’t alter any of the other columns. Which really isn’t a huge deal, because I understand hours is harder to track than words in their program, but it kind of made me sad.

Anywho, I’ve jumped right back into ‘The Concealing Sapphire” which is going to be the third novel in my Gemstone Series. Hopefully I’ll complete this novel this month or soon after and plan publication for summer.

If you haven’t signed up for NaNo yet, go do it!!!!!


Happy Writing!


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