Book Review: Spellbound

Spellbound, by Cara Lynn Shultz, is one of my all time favorite romance/paranormal novels. It’s been in my iBooks library for just about forever, so I just HAD to reread it for March Reading Month.

This novel features my two favorite things, love and the paranormal.

Rereading it now after a few years I think I noticed more than I did back then. The characters aren’t as complex as I think they could be, but they are enjoyable to read about.

This novel is centered around Emma Conner and Brendan Salinger. The Salingers are a notorious rich family in the area, and Emma is a quiet girl who hides herself in the shadows at her prep school. Even though everything inside of her tells her to stay away from Brendan, she can’t help herself, and he can’t seem to either. A generations old curse attempts to keep them away from one another, but their love may just be stronger than the magic.

The one thing I really enjoy in this book is the twisted cliche. I mean that like there are parts of the story that are obvious cliches, but they are twisted enough to make it enjoyable. I would recommend this book for anyone that enjoys or has enjoyed any other books I’ve reviewed (I’m a pretty predictable book junkie).

There is a sequel!!! I’ve read it already and it is a bit better than the first book, which is saying a lot.


What books have you been reading this month??


Happy Reading!



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