Camp NaNo Wrimo Prep!

I have some great Camp NaNo news! Well, first of all in personal news, I will be attempting to work more on the novel I began November 2016, The Concealing Sapphire.

I encourage all of my fellow writers to sign up for Camp NaNo because it has the same effect as November’s NaNo WriMo but with a lot less pressure. It’s a good time to finish up what you started in November-or at least work on it a bit.

I’m extra excited to start this NaNo season because there are some new features to the site.

Instead of recording the amount of words you write,  you can now win by counting the hours you spend in front of a computer!!

This is the route that I will take this month.

I probably sound like a broken record at this point but in order to write a novel you probably need to plan and brainstorm. With all of my extra activities that I am involved with at this time, I don’t have time to plan out a novel.

This may be the case for you as well. That is why I’m planning to track my hours instead of my words during April.

I’m doing 30 hours (an hour a day). Because I’ll be on vacation for the first week in April, I won’t be able to write until after I get back which will allow me to work on completing my goal during the rest of the month.

I only have a few tips for my writers for the month of April.

  • Be creative. Don’t be afraid to write what YOU want to write.
  • Be steady. Don’t put off your writing until April 29th.
  • Have fun. It’s called Camp NaNo WriMo for a reason. This is not the real thing. Enjoy your time writing, but don’t force it upon yourself.


And with that…. go sign up for Camp NaNo WriMo now!!!!


Happy Writing!







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