Book Review: Slave, Warrior, Queen

I’ve finally finished another novel! No… not writing one… but reading one!


It took me a week or so, but I just finished ‘Slave, Warrior, Queen’ by Morgan Rice yesterday. I believe I got this book for free on iBooks, so for those who like free things, I definitely recommend this!

This novel was set in a pre-modern era where a country is swept up into rebellion. The main character, Ceres, a favorite of her father’s, was sold into marital slavery by her not-so-loving mother. She was illegally trained to fight by her father, so she was able to get away from the wretched man and set other young girls free as well. Unable to return home, she is brought to the castle. Ceres hates everything that the castle stands for and more importantly, the people inside of it. That’s when she meets Thanos, the King’s nephew. She is assigned to be his weaponkeeper, which is basically someone who throws you weapons in a fight. Because Ceres was trained by her father, she knows a lot about fighting and she is very good at her job. Of course there is a little love-how could there not be-between Ceres and Thanos and also between Rexus (a childhood friend and rebellion leader) and Ceres. The novel does leave off on a bit of a cliffhanger, so it’s time for me to debate on whether or not I want to purchase the next part.


I think overall this was a good novel, even though I didn’t enjoy some aspects of it. For example, even though I think this novel was intended to be action-packed, some parts of it seemed rushed.

I appreciated the author’s setting, plot-line, and characters. Creating a completely new world is hard to do with this type of setting, but the author did do a good job of describing in her writing.

It did take me a while to remember who was who in the story because Rice does use some unique-but totally fitting-names. In order to enjoy this kind of story you definitely need to like action. There are various fighting scenes with lots of suspense in between.

I wouldn’t recommend this novel for younger ages, as it does address men that buy young girls for marriage and the fighting scenes-along with wounds-can get a little wordy.


Hopefully I’ll be able to complete another novel before the end of March!

Until then….


Happy Reading!







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