Epic Endings: Keep it Open

This is my last post for “Epic Endings”! Unlike my first two blog series, this one is only two posts because it falls on the month before Camp NaNo Begins!!!

This is a very important post because it not only is about the ‘ending’ of your ‘ending’ but it will give you a MUST DO rule of writing.

I think that this MUST DO rule is often overlooked because most of the time you’re thinking about ‘current you’ not ‘future you’. Okay, maybe once I give you the rule this will make make sense.

  • Never say never in your ending. Like “She’ll never get back home” or “She’ll never see her family again.”

Why? Well, if you do, it closes off potential sequels. And I know that right now you’re probably just focusing on making it to the end of your novel. But future you might appreciate that you didn’t close everything off.

So while you need to end your subplots and close off the main plot of the story, you still need to leave some avenues open for yourself in case you do decide to pursue a sequel.

This is very important to do even if you don’t do a sequel, because your reader can dream up what happens in the future.


It is imperative that you think about this as you wrap up your story and prepare it for publication. All sections of a story are important, but you definitely want to have a strong ending that effectively finishes off your story. The end of your story is the last impression that you leave on your readers.

With another month of NaNo WriMo soon upon us, you need to keep in mind the tips that I have given you these past few months to write the best first draft novel that you can.

Head your novel into Bold Beginnings first, with emotion and flare. Then dive into Middle Madness where you’re going to control your events, but also let it go free to a certain extent. Finally, you’ll reach your Epic Ending, where you’re going to finish off your first draft, without totally closing off any future opportunities.

If you haven’t already, go register your novel with Camp NaNo!!!


Happy Writing!




*** Sorry for the delayed post, my Internet has been down!!


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