Middle Madness: The Descent

Today we’re back at it with our final post for Middle Madness!!! In the previous two posts we talked about controlling the chaos that our middles bring and building up suspense for our final climactic moment.

Now, we’re moving forward to the ends of our stories. But how do we make that fateful transition??

There’s a specific way that you need to transition into the ending of your novel-and no I’m not saying that our plotlines are the same. Let me give you a super short two step list of how this transition is going to go down.

  1. You’re falling down from your huge climactic moment. Does your story end there on a cliffhanger? NO! I mean, yes, it can end on a cliffhanger but it should never end abruptly after your climactic moment. What will happen is that after your climactic moment you’re going to continue writing. What will you write? Well, give a little breathing time for your readers. If your characters had to travel somewhere for their climactic moment, have them return home.
  2. There’s a pretty obvious difference between slapping a “The End” on your novel and actually completing it. For example, I was sucked into the Luxen series by Jennifer Armentrout. As every book ended, I instantly HAD to buy the next novel. This wasn’t because she left me off on a climactic moment, but she completed the novel and added in a cliffhanger for good measure. (I’m a sucker for a good cliffhanger btw). Okay, back on track. So after you’ve had your characters travel back home or back to where they ‘belong’ grant them a small period of rest. This lets your reader relax as you delve into your ending.

Not too hard, right??? All I wanted to stress in this post was DON’T LEAVE YOUR BOOK OFF STRAIGHT AFTER YOUR CLIMACTIC MOMENT. You still have your entire ending to write… don’t waste it.

As long as that has stuck with you, I think we’re done here.



Happy Writing!



(P.S. Sorry for the delay on this post, it was supposed to go up at the regular 2-3pm but I was unable to publish it.)


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