Writing Prompt Attempt #3


I think I should have titled this post ‘Writing Prompt Gone Rouge”. I attempted to google some writing prompt ideas but nothing stuck out at me… like at all. So here’s my attempt to be creative and not use a writing prompt. I really enjoyed writing this… so much so that I’m kind of interested in making it into a larger story.

One of my many talents is committing myself to something that sounds good at the time but ends up not at all like I thought it’d be.

But, enough about that… enjoy my ‘writing prompt gone rouge’.



The crumbled remains of my house spilled out before me on the table. “What happened?” Eve asked, woefully uninterested at my find.

“I went home.” I stated. She glanced up from her needlework, her fingers paused on the thread.

“And this is what you found?” Her soft green eyes didn’t attempt to show sympathy. “I told you.”

“You told me that my neighborhood had been hit, not that it had been totally obliterated.” I corrected her, flicking dust off of my fingertips.

“Same thing.” she muttered, glancing back down at her lap as her slender fingers started to move once more.

Seeing that I would be granted no sympathy from Eve, I swept the remains back into my backpack and slung it on my shoulder.

“Next time you should tell someone you’re leaving.” she called after me as I reached the green curtain that separated her room from the rest of ours.

“I don’t see why,” I scoffed. “the last time you left nobody knew where you were for weeks.” I pointed out. Eve paused again and her green eyes met mine once more.

“Yes.” she agreed. “But I at least know what I’m doing. You’re still new. And besides…he was worried about you.”

“He was?” I questioned, a frown appearing on my lips. Eve cleared her throat and nodded.

“Apparently so. At least, that’s what I heard.”

“Is there anything else important enough to tell me?” I asked. Eve sighed as if it inconvenienced her to think about anything other than her needlework.

“Adam and Vince are going on a raid tonight. I don’t think you’ll be invited to go with them, but it’d do you good to have a decent meal.” she mentioned.

“Another raid? They barely got back from the last one…is Willow feeling sick again?”

A flicker of emotion appeared in Eve’s downcast eyes. “She’ll be better in no time. Besides, there hasn’t been any activity nearby in the last few days. They think it’s a risk worth taking.”

“I understand.” I muttered. I turned around and moved the curtain out of the doorway. I had taken one step out before she spoke.

“Reyna?” I turned around. Sympathy shone in her eyes. “I’m sorry about your house.”


I really hope you enjoyed this prompt session, and I’ll see you back with another one soon(ish)!


Happy Writing!



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