Amazon’s CreateSpace Review

I’ve been fortunate enough in my short life to complete and self-publish five novels. All five of these novels have been published through Amazon’s CreateSpace.

CreateSpace is a free self-publishing platform that is great for beginners. I’m 100% positive that it isn’t any easier to self-publish with another program. Everything you do on this website is free-unless you want to pay for their more premium services.

Below I’ve compiled a short list of some of their many benefits.

  1. They include a cover creator application which lets you pick through their photo database and choose one of their templates to design. This feature is especially handy if you’re not into cover design or into the price it costs to get a good artist.
  2. CreateSpace puts your book on their website, Amazon, and Kindle. For an author first starting out, again, this is great. Unless you’ve been totally prepped and ready to release your novel to all of the channels that it offers, I recommend only selecting the Kindle, Amazon, and CreateSpace E-Store channels. This not only makes it simpler for you, but it also decreases the minimum price that you have to set.A lower price definitely helps with sales!
  3. You can buy your novels for about half of the price that you sell them for yourself. Heading to a book signing event? You can make more of a profit if you sell them yourself.
  4. Royalty payments. I’ve never had any troubles with Amazon when getting my royalties, which is really nice. They also have simple ways to show you how much money you make and what books are selling for each month.

After all of those clear benefits, I’d also like to give you a list of cons that I’ve found throughout the years.

  1. You can’t have people pre-order your novel. Honestly, this is my #1 problem with CreateSpace. You can’t really create hype for a specific release date because it can be anywhere from 1-4 days within you setting everything up on CreateSpace and giving it the okay to publish. I think that I’d have more sales if I was able to set a specific date for the novel to release.
  2. Although your novel is on Amazon and Kindle it’s not on iBooks. I don’t know why this has bothered me (maybe because I buy a lot of books from Apple) but whenever people ask me about where I sell my books they always ask about iBooks, and I always have to respond with “No”. This isn’t a huge problem, but it’d make me a whole lot happier if they were on iBooks, for whatever reason.
  3. The images you can use on your covers are limited. I always go into my cover creation with a visual of what I want my cover to look like. And while I think all of my covers have turned out great, I’m running out of cool templates to use without reusing a previous one. The photo library is also a bit limited as well. There are some pictures that have worked perfectly with my novels (Especially with the Gemstone Series) but others have been a little disappointing for me.


That’s all I have to say about the pros and cons. If you’re a beginner, go with CreateSpace. If you’re in the same boat as me, I think I’d recommend looking elsewhere. Currently, I’m planning on looking into Ingram Sparks for my next novel publication, but that’s not a for sure thing. There are thousands of publishing companies, you just have to work hard to find the one perfect for you.


Happy Publishing!




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