Upcoming Blog Events!

February is now upon us which opens the floodgates of new posts! February is the month that includes Groundhog day (Today!!!) where we find out if we’re supposed to endure winter for six  more long weeks or spring will bless us early. I’m not too sure what I’m wishing for… winter seems to be a solid four month period either way! 😉

Anyways, I’m extremely pleased with the progress my blog has taken in January and I hope to continue this action!

So this is what is going to go down in February:

  • Book Reviews-duh, you can’t keep me out of a book for more than 5 minutes
  • A New Blog Series! This one will be called “Middle Madness” and will center on… you guessed it… middles!!! I predict this series to be 2-3 posts before I start in on a blog series focusing on endings.
  • Advanced NaNo WriMo prep! What???? NaNo WriMo? Yes, for those who are unaware, our good friend NaNo holds NaNo WriMo camps in the months of April and July! Hooray! (But this means we only have two months to prep!!! Yikes!)
  • A review of my self-publishing experience with Amazon’s CreateSpace. Just in case anyone who completed NaNo last November needs a little help choosing where to go with their novel.

I know this list is short… but there are only 28 days in February and this is already day two! So stay tuned for my future blog posts, because they will all be larger ones from now on!


Happy Writing/ Groundhog Day!!




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