Book Review: Obsidian

January has been a great book month. If you noticed in my “Top 10 YA Books I Want to Read” post I mentioned a novel by the name Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. The summary of the novel was what made me intrigued. I ended up purchasing the novel on iBooks and reading it in the span of three days.

When I think about this novel I get excited. I thought it would be too similar to another book series I read “The Lorien Legacies” but it was completely different and I appreciated that. Yes, both of the lead males were aliens running from another group of aliens that hoped to destroy them. But that’s where the similarities stopped.

This novel was in the perspective of a human non-alien girl who happened to move next door to a house full of aliens. This novel kept me in suspense for most of the time, which was fine by me. However, if you don’t like to be emotionally frustrated by books then I would not recommend.

Surprise, surprise, the human girl and the alien boy fall in love (kinda). It was actually more of a love-hate relationship throughout 3/4’s of the novel until the very end. But that was one of the things that I liked about this novel. It wasn’t completely a romance novel, but still, there was romance.

I really enjoyed the backstory of the aliens in this novel, almost more so than in “The Lorien Legacies”. It’s really interesting how the author played it off. The next novel in the series is called “Onyx” and I’m very excited to read it and figure out how the title plays into the plotline.

In this novel, Obsidian ended up to be the only weakness of the enemy aliens (AKA the Arum). However, since I just ordered two paperback books from Amazon and I have another book in my iBooks library I probably won’t be able to complete the series soon.

Overall I recommend this novel for those interested in hot aliens mixed with spontaneous battle scenes. It’s not really age appropriate for anyone under 14, so I’d keep that in mind as well.


Happy Reading!


(If you have any book recommendations leave them in a comment on this post so I can check them out! Thanks!)


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