Writing Prompt Attempt #2

In the craziness of my life, I realized that I haven’t done a writing prompt on my blog in almost three months!!

Because I had a lot of fun with the last one, I thought I could do another. Today I’m taking this one from thinkwritten.com. It’s #11 on the list, which is….

11. Dragon: Envision a dragon. Do you battle him? Or is the dragon friendly? Use descriptive language.


So without further ado.. here it is!


Exploring my new backyard hadn’t seemed like a bad idea-a few hours ago. The snow-topped mountains seemed utterly irresistible, I just had to get closer. Peering into the forest that was infested with extremely tall pine trees was scary, but the mystery of the place had overwhelmed me so I took a few steps into the woods… and then a few more… and now I’m here.

Very lost, very worried, but still in awe. I kept my expensive Nikon camera tightly in my grasp as I navigated over fallen branches as I attempted to move in the right direction. A breeze moved through the trees, causing some fresh green pine needles to break free from the branches and make their way slowly to the ground.

I whipped out the camera lens and took a few shots. I thought my mom might forgive my disappearance when she saw my great pictures. I examined the images over before continuing on my journey.

It was only a few moments later that I stumbled upon a giant crater in the ground. There were noticeable indents in certain areas, as if the dirt had become acclimated to something laying on it. I lifted my camera once more and took a shot or two of the oddity. Now I knew for sure I was headed in the wrong direction, I definitely hadn’t come across this before. I knelt down to examine the dirt.

It was strangely soft as it brushed against my outstretched fingertips. Another breeze, this time stronger, fluttered around me. I glanced up to see the pine trees above me stretching from side to side, bouncing around with the breeze. A dark shadow cast over the area. Confused, I looked towards the sky, squinting my eyes at the trembling tree tops.

Another roaring whoosh of air surrounded me before the dark shadow descended before me. As it landed on the ground, a small tremble went through the area. I stood, frozen to the spot, as I gazed at what was before me.

A giant blue scaled body with matching wings sat with its back towards me. As the body moved golden reflects popped from the otherwise blue wings. A strong and slender neck held a large head with two gold horns protruding from the top.

The lack of oxygen to my brain made me inhale sharply. At this small noise the beast swung its body around, moving on its four short legs to face me.

Golden eyes glared into mine. There was one word that lingered on the tip of my tongue.

“Dragon!” the word echoed around me. The dragon’s head tilted to the side, almost as if it was confused by my presence and not angered. Slowly, inch by inch, the dragon lowered its head down. This gigantic blue creature looked me in the eyes, and laughed.

A deep cheerful noise erupted from the menacing beast and it brushed its head against mine. The scales felt silky smooth against my cheek, and I laughed too.

A terrifying dragon was living in my backyard, and I think I just befriended it.



Thanks for reading this today! It took me a while to gather some inspiration to write this, but I got it out just in time. I will definitely be doing some more prompts in the future. The website that I got this one from had 365 more ideas to choose from, so I will be using it in the future and I encourage my fellow writers to do so as well!


Happy Writing!




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