Bold Beginnings: Feed the Flame

Hey everyone! After taking a short break to read an amazing book series, I am back with another post on beginnings. -scratch that- Bold Beginnings. 

In my previous post that was revealed a week ago, I forced you to open up yourself and throw some emotion into your story. This initial emotion struck the match to start your fire. However, we only have a small flame of interest, now it is up to you to begin to feed this fire to make it grow.

To relate this to real life it would be like when you met somebody new for the first time. You were able to strike up a polite conversation that made you both happy to be in one another’s company. But now you’re struggling to keep up the conversation. You agreed to get coffee with this person but you still feel a feeling of uncertainty at what to say to please them again.

There’s one trick that always works in this situation, and will especially work for your audience. Start giving out information. The reader (or new acquaintance) will find something in common with you/your novel that will give them a connection to you. Withholding information, especially in the beginning of a novel, can make readers too confused.

An element of mystery is certainly not bad, but too much mystery can make the reader feel that getting to know your novel isn’t worth it. So one possibility is to start out your novel by introducing your main character. There aren’t many novels that begin introducing a secondary character, so readers that have never seen that before may be confused.

Give out the basics about them, maybe even delve inside of their backstory a little. Once your reader gets to know at least one character, they’ll start to warm up to your story.

Get them connected to your novel like you get connected to a friend. Feed that small flame with more and more information that they can relate to.


I want your fire to be so large that you can roast 100 marshmallows at one time. Challenge accepted??


Happy Writing!



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