Book Review: Perfekt Order

It feels like forever since I’ve read and reviewed a book, so here I am. This book was brought to my attention by The Sparks of YA, a website that you can sign up with to receive free books, yes FREE BOOKS, every so often.

I signed up for it forever ago and only recently realized what I had been forgetting to do. Downloading the free book was very simple and definitely worth it. As a result, I got this book for free AND was able to read it on iBooks (because I really hate reading books on Safari).

So I strongly encourage you to hit up this great opportunity. It even features one of my all-time favorite authors, Quinn Loftis!

Anyways, onward to the novel!

It. Was. Awesome.

I can say that out of my many years of book reading I’ve never read a book like this. This book was strongly intertwined with Norse mythology, and if you’ve never heard of it I’m sure you’ve heard of the Thor movies. Thor is from Norse mythology.

So anyways, this novel has the #1 thing that I love and that is a good romance. It also features a plethora of good characters and an exciting plot.

The main character, Mia, falls unknowingly in love with the Norse God of War, Tyr. He’s in the middle of a year-long battle with one of Loki’s sons, Fenir. Fenir’s ultimate evil goal is to get Tyr to turn to the dark side by killing everyone he loves. So after his parents die and his sister almost dies, Tyr swears off love until he meets Mia.

There were some elements that I really liked about this novel. For example, I love surprises that I didn’t see coming (hint hint).

The characters in this novel were lovable and sweet, but I almost felt like they weren’t complex enough. This wasn’t a huge problem for me and didn’t keep me from reading the book, but I did feel like the novel was missing that aspect. I think that this happened because there was so much information to get out about the Norse mythology aspect and all of the different roles the characters played, that the complexity of the characters was put on the backburner. Overall, that is a good thing because if the information was lacking, the book wouldn’t have been good. Perhaps in future novels I’ll see the characters develop more.

I also really liked the author’s way of giving out information without making me feel like it was being forced upon me. That being said, if you’re not into mythology this definitely isn’t a book for you. It’s got the undeniable sense of romance, but if you’re not into mythology odds are you’ll skip through the chunks of information, causing you to miss out on an aspect of the novel that I really enjoyed.

This book is a part of a series, and I have already bought and begun the next novel Perfekt Control.  The author, S. T. Bende also has another book series out dealing with different Norse Gods. I have also purchased that series starter and I’m eager to get into that one as well.


Happy Reading!



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