2017 Writing Goals

Happy New Years! It’s the second day of 2017, which seems absolutely crazy to me! Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was stressing about NaNo WriMo in November?

I took an unplanned break with the blog, as you may have seen. I had a lot of things to work on for school that needed to be finished before I felt that I could dedicate more time to my blog. So now that it’s (mostly) wrapped up, I will be back to my regular ‘couple posts a week’ schedule!

I felt that my first 2017 post should be me listing out my goals so that I could have something to reference later in the year when I’m looking for things to do.

  1. Complete and publish at least novel. Just one. Not too much to ask for right?
  2. Attempt to write a chapter or two of a mystery novel.
  3. Create a long master list of character names that I like but have never used.
  4. Take a look at all of the writing documents on my computer and sort through them to see what could work as a future project.
  5. Sweep over some other writer’s blogs to see what my blog needs more or less of.
  6. Adding on to #5, maybe a new blog design?
  7. Work on some writing prompts that I started last year.

There will probably be more added to this list as time goes on, but this is all I could think of at the moment. What are your writing goals of 2017? A new project perhaps?

Either way, I hope you brought in the New Year with a bang!

Happy 2017!



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