How to Deal with Deadlines

We all have deadlines, and we all have different ways to deal with them. Some of us put off the work until the day before it’s due. Some of us do the work as soon as we know about it and turn it in early. And some of us get flustered, forget about the deadline, and don’t do the work.

Recently as I was checking my email inbox I couldn’t help but notice all of the emails from various colleges that I was deleting that all read “Application Deadline!”. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about this because I have applied and been accepted to the college that I’m going to.

But anyways, as we’re approaching the start of NaNo, we’ll all have the same deadline. With NaNo, you can’t wait until the last moment to catch up on a months worth of writing. You have to pace yourself. Personally, if I get behind, it’s usually very hard to get back on track. You may be the opposite, and getting behind only to rally at the end works for you (I’m jealous).

Thankfully, you’ve got a month to get your selected word goal. During that month there should be no editing, just writing. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my NaNo deadlines.

I love them because they motivate me to write, and I hate them because they stress me out.

However, at the end of the month I’m always very glad that I completed the challenge and I feel accomplished that I met my deadline.

So, the point is that deadlines can be a good thing for you if you consistently work towards your goal.


Just a few more days until NaNo!

Happy Writing!





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