NaNo WriMo Planning: Week Four

Yes, it’s week four. Yes, that also means that NaNo WriMo is almost here. Yes, I know you don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

So here we are, three weeks into our wonderful planning month with just one week to go. Take it all in, folks.

Your last week of planning should be a breeze (banking on the fact that you completed the previous three weeks.).

All you have to do is create a small one or more sentence summary of what you’re going to write about. Make sure it contains what will happen in your story, who it will happen to, and where.

Start training your mind to be okay with writing every day, because that’s what you’re about to do.

Sign into your NaNo account to see if there’s anything going on there that you should know about. (AKA, make sure you remember your username and password) You should also create your novel-so you can enter your word count in November. Filling our your fact sheet/author bio isn’t a bad idea either.

If you haven’t done any of that yet, no worries, because you still have time.


I’ll see you with more NaNo news the first week of November!

Happy final week of planning!



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