NaNo WriMo Planning: Week Three

Well, it’s been a quick two weeks of this wonderful calm before the storm. So starting with week three, It’s time to reach a little deeper into your novel.

Where and when is your novel going to take place? In order to have a cohesive novel that flows nicely, you need to have a strong and believable setting.

In my first novel, The Last Emerald, my characters travel to Muzo, Colombia. Why? Well, because in my research I found that Muzo had an emerald mine in it. So in order to keep some certain events in your novel believable, research may be required.

If your setting is totally fictional, great. Even though that means that you don’t need to do research on a certain location, you still need to have a steady place for your characters.

In my most recent novel, Road to the Throne, my setting is fictional. So I planted certain details in the novel to give readers a picture of the time and place the novel is in. For example, the roads are not paved and people use horses to get around.

 Small details are better than no details. 

Things like architecture and weather are important in your novel. Your setting may even be the basis of conflict in your novel, like in the Harry Potter series or the Hunger Games series.

I think that your setting should bring a little conflict into the story whether it’s your characters battling terrain, weather, or the people they discover in the place where they are/go.

To touch on the ‘when’ of your story my advice is to keep it realistic for the topic of your novel. That’s it. Even if it’s fiction, keep it believable.

Writing this has gotten me so excited to begin NaNo!


Happy Planning!



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