Writing Prompt Attempt #1

So I realized that since I advised people to work on some prompts to get them ready for NaNo, I should probably follow my own advice and work on a prompt.

So, going off my fall writing prompt post (which you should really check out) I will be creating a short story on a favored fall tradition. Here goes.


When Ida was a small child, Halloween was her favorite holiday. Dressing up and scaring people was one of her favorite activities. But now that she was fourteen-and apparently too old to do that sort of thing anymore-she was officially not going trick or treating this year. However, when Ida let that slip to her eight-year-old sister Georgina, it did not go over well.

“Old? You’re not too old to get candy!” she insisted. “Mr. Mellem still goes trick or treating and he’s ancient!”

“Mr. Mellem is not ancient, he’s only thirty-five.” Ida corrected. “And he’s not in high school, so he doesn’t have his reputation to worry about.”

“Rep-ah-ya-tation? What’s that supposed to mean?” Georgina pestered, her small hands on her narrow hips. Ida rolled her eyes.

“It’s reputation, and it means that since I’m older now I won’t be doing activities for babies.” she explained.

“Dressing up and getting candy is not an activity for babies,” Georgina argued. When Ida didn’t reply, she continued. “And plus, mom said that you have to go with me around the neighborhood.”

“Great.” Ida groaned. “Fine. I’ll go with you but I’m still not dressing up.”

“Have it your way.” Georgina snapped. “More candy for me anyways.”

The night of Halloween Georgina reported to Ida’s room in a green fairy costume. “Let’s go, slow poke. The good candy always goes first!” she declared in a shrill voice, grabbing Ida’s hand and dragging her to the doorway.

“One minute, geez. Let me grab a jacket. And what are you supposed to be anyways? A harmless fairy?”

“I’m Tinker Bell.” Georgina told her with a pout. Ida grabbed her winter coat from her closet and slipped on some tennis shoes.

“Alright, let’s go Tinker Bell.” Ida followed her sister out of her room.

“Bye Mom! Save some candy for me!” Georgina called out as their mother emptied a bag of candy into a pumpkin-shaped basket.

“Be safe and have fun!” she replied. Georgina happily skipped out the front door, a plastic bag hanging from her arm.

“Are you sure you don’t want a bag, Ida?” her mother asked. Ida frowned. “No.” she answered, before following her sister outside.

Ida and Georgina began to walk around the neighborhood. Ida began to feel left out as she saw all of the unique costumes that people were wearing. As it got later and later, Ida felt more and more sad.

Georgina was anything but sad, as her plastic bag was full of sugary goodies. As they approached another house, Ida hung back at the fence while Georgina went to the door.

As Georgina reached the door, a group of what looked to be teenagers was leaving. As they got closer, Ida recognized them to be some people from her school.

“Hey Ida!” a girl from her math class greeted.

“Hey.” Ida replied, mystified as to why they were dressed up.

“What are you supposed to be?” Another girl asked. Ida looked down at her costumeless self and felt silly.

“I’m just walking my sister around the neighborhood this year.” she answered.

“Oh.” the girl from math nodded understandingly. “That’s too bad, the candy this year is great.”

As the group of high schoolers walked away, Ida felt ashamed. They certainly didn’t look uncool for trick-or-treating. Why did Ida think that she was too old for Halloween anyways?

“Georgina!” Ida called out. Her little sister began walking back to Ida, two more pieces of candy added to her stash. “Let’s go home, I’m going to go grab my costume.”

Georgina broke into a grin. “Yay!” she cheered. “Now I can go back to all of the good candy houses!”

Ida and Georgina ran back home, laughing with glee all they way there. Ida realized that it didn’t make sense for her to be ashamed of doing something that she loved. If only she had realized that earlier, maybe she could have gotten more candy.



So that’s it. I had a lot of fun writing this! It’s a day late because writing makes me procrastinate.

I hope your writing prompts are going well, and I’ll see you soon with another NaNo Planning week!


Happy Writing!



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