NaNo WriMo Planning: Week Two

Has the panic set in yet that you have to write a novel soon? No? Good.

For those of you that frantically nodded yes (like me) worry not! We got through week one by focusing on our characters. Starting this week, our focus shifts to our storyline.

What’s going to happen? This does NOT need to be in depth. My notebook will probably consist of one to two word descriptions of what the beginning, middle, and end are. If you’re feeling super prepared, your descriptions might be in paragraph form.

If you’re reading this and panicking more because you don’t know what you want to happen in your novel, that’s okay. You may write down some ideas in your notebook that never take shape in your novel. Novel writing is an ever-changing process, so don’t feel super pressured right now to come up with a stunning storyline.

To help you out, below is a usual beginning/middle/end story structure.

  • Beginning~
    • The main character is introduced. The conflict for your character(s) begins to unravel.
  • Middle~
    • The conflict and characters are more deeply developed. At the later stages of the middle, a possible solution to the conflict is introduced.
  • End~
    • The solution to your problem is attempted, and your climax ensues. Afterwards, your story is wrapped up, or left on a cliff-hanger.

So since you already have your characters, it’s now a matter of what their conflict is throughout your story. Which, it’s fine if you’re having trouble choosing a conflict, because usually once you start writing the conflict is revealed to you.

I hope your October is going great! Once you finish mapping out your story, check out my Fall Writing Prompts blog post! Writing prompts definitely won’t hurt, and they may even give you a story idea!


Happy Planning!




One thought on “NaNo WriMo Planning: Week Two

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