Fall Writing Prompts

With NaNo coming up shortly, I thought that practicing writing would do everyone some good! Below I have created some fall writing prompts for you to choose from.

  • A Scary Story
    • You can do a lot with this one, from the perspective of a scared child listening to a scary story to someone discovering a book of scary stories whose characters begin to come to life.
  • Pumpkins
    • Everyone loves doing pumpkins! You can take a personal experience on your favorite pumpkin carving, or even create a wild back story as to why we carve pumpkins in the first place.
    • Or, maybe you’re looking for the perfect pumpkin to take home with you. How long will it take?
  • Halloween Costumes
    • Is getting a costume a chore? Or a fun competition? You decide.
    • Or maybe, at the end of the night, your costume doesn’t come off…
  • Fall traditions
    • You could write a story on any fall tradition, from taking hay rides, to drinking apple cider and eating donuts any chance you get.

This gives you a pretty wide range of things to write about. The point is, start writing! Get your creative juices stirred up for the month ahead.


Happy Writing!



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