NaNo WriMo Planning: Week One

Week one of NaNo PlaMo begins today! I decided to start it on a Monday because I feel like starting something on a weekend sets you up for failure. Well, for me anyways.

So this week you need to focus on the characters in your story. Before I write a story I always create a list of character names that I like. Most likely, with an event like NaNo WriMo you create scenes on the spot with little to no planning. Some of those scenes may require a filler character or a new main character. To save you your precious November writing time, creating this list will allow you to pick a name instantly instead of browsing all of the baby naming websites.

After you’ve done this, your next step is to pick out the character names that you KNOW that you’ll use. If they’re filler characters that only appear in your book for one page, then this does not apply. Circle or highlight a few names on the list and next to them start writing down some physical attributes and personality traits that the character will have.

If you want to get ahead, you can also figure out what order you want your characters to be introduced. Usually, your main character starts off in the beginning of the story, but hey! There are no rules.

Stay tuned for next week’s planning tips!


Happy Planning!



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