NaNo WriMo: A Month of Prep

In two short days, October first will be upon us. October is what I like to call NaNo PlaMo. National Novel Planning Month. If you’re super organized and prepared, you may have already completed your planning tasks, but if you did not, then gear up.

Planning for your novel ensures that you can not use the excuse “I don’t know what to write about” during November. I mean, you may just use that excuse anyway, but at least if you plan you’ll have a solution to your ‘no ideas’ problem.

Okay so here’s the plan.

  • The first week of NaNo PlaMo you need to focus on characterization. Who are your characters, what are their names, are they a main character or are they just a side character?
  • The second week you need to start mapping out your story. What’s going on in the beginning, middle, and end?
  • The third week you need to describe, in depth, your setting. Where is your story? What’s the weather usually like?
  • The fourth and final week you will finish it off with a brief summary of what is going to happen in your story, who it will happen to, and where.


Sounds easy, right?

Great. I’ll see you in a short few days with more of NaNo PlaMo.


Happy Planning Month!



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