Book Review: The Burning Claw

I’ve held off on this book review for a while to give myself some time to process this book. It came out September 10th and of course I read it in a day.

It’s the tenth book in the Grey Wolves series by Quinn Loftis, so assuming that some of you may not have ever read these books I will be giving out NO spoilers to any of the books in this series.

I went into the read with high expectations because it’s Quinn Loftis. This book gave me everything I needed and more.

Anybody who’s into supernatural romance, and just the supernatural genre in general, need to check out this series. I’ve read all of the books quite frantically starting with the second novel.

So, I discovered this series by browsing through the free books section of iBooks. I read the first book, thought that it was great, but I didn’t really feel like I needed to read more of the series.

I’m so thankful that I changed my mind. Each book has seemed to get better and better.


I’m thinking of rereading the first book (for like the 100th time) so I can do a more in-depth review.


Happy Reading!



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