How to Bring your Characters to Life in Three Easy Steps

It’s what we all wish for. Live characters that we can sit down and talk to. An interview of sort, where we can figure out their personality, their quirks, and anything and everything about them.

But, since science has failed us, it is up to the writers to bring their characters to life through their words. It’s no easy feat. Every human alive is unique and different in their own way; there’s no set standards for writers to follow except for some physical features.

But even choosing specific physical features can be imperative when you are crafting your character. To make it easier, here’s a character timeline that you can use when you begin creating your characters.

  1. You’ve absolutely got to make characters that can thrive in your plot. Your character always has to go through some sort of change in the story, and even though their personality might not thrive at first, you have to alter it throughout the story so that it will. So, decide first what kind of character traits will thrive in your plot. Is it a comedy? Well, then the character should probably be quick-witted, sarcastic, or awkward.
  2. So you have some basic character traits, but now you need to start to build your character. The most basic physical traits, like hair color and eye color, don’t really matter. You really need to decide how the character looks beyond that.  Are they short or tall? How do they regularly style their hair and why? Do they need glasses? Do they have good posture or are they regularly slouching? Do they have any birth marks or scars? Shoe size?
  3. We now know what your character looks like and a few character traits. Now, you need to start to develop their personality. Their personality could even tie into their physical traits. Perhaps, they’re shy so they always wear their hair close to their face. Or, they have big feet so they’re clumsy. How does your character act in public? How do they act when they’re alone? Are they sporty, crafty, or both? It’s also a good idea to do a self evaluation of what your personality is, because that can help you develop your characters.


Following these simple steps and asking yourself these questions can help you develop a character that comes to life in the pages of your story. What are some of your favorite characters that you want to come to life?


Happy Writing!



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