Book Review: The Rise of Nine

I recently finished the third book of this series, and it is still one of my favorite book series.

I’m so glad that I discovered this series at the beginning of summer, because I’m three books in and still loving it.

This book was no disappointment with the action-packed fight scenes intertwined with great characters and an enthralling plotline. Each novel has left off on a slight cliffhanger, which makes me eager for the next novel.

However, now with the third book down I am kind of feeling like it’s dragging. Slightly. While I don’t necessarily think that the books could be shortened because there are so many complex characters, I do feel like the series needs to be wrapped up in the next novel. But, I have an inkling that it won’t happen.

The perspective changes are still a little confusing. There are three characters that the author switches back and forth in their perspectives, and the only hint of the perspective change is that there are different fonts for each of the characters. (And when you’re completely absorbed into the novel you don’t notice the font switches.)

So, to sum it up I love the series, but I feel that it needs to be wrapped up. Knowing that there are more books in this series I know that it won’t happen, so I’m hoping that the next few books are going to make me forget that.


Happy Reading!



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