Ten Weeks Until NaNo WriMo!

What?? NaNo is in ten weeks? I can’t even believe that in about nine weeks and six days I’ll be freaking out.

I am a very last minute planner when it comes to writing. Usually, I just go with the flow and write when I absolutely have to. But, maybe this year I’ll change my unprepared ways and try to avoid some writer’s block by planning out what I’m going to write.

Since it’s still ten weeks away, I don’t have to plan out every last detail right now. But, having some basic concepts on what you’re going to write is a huge help.

Think about the genre you want to go for. What’s your main character’s name? Think about these things in the next few weeks. Prepared writing is easy writing.

In ten weeks I will begin my novel writing journey. Will you?


Happy Writing!



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