Camp NaNo Final Update:

After a months worth of writing, it’s finally over. But did I win?


I reached my word count goal of 10,000 words yesterday. Even though it isn’t a lot, it’s still 10,000 more words that I have now from when I started.

I’m completely in love with the plotline. Changing the perspective from third person to first person was the best possible decision that I could have made.

The story flows nicely and I have a lot of content to add, which should bode well for NaNo WriMo in November.

If you participated in this session of Camp NaNo in any way, congrats! Even if you didn’t make it to the finish line, you still made the effort.


I love this program because it really gives you a month-long experience of positivity while you try to reach your goal. See you in November, NaNo!


Happy Writing!



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