Review: The Power of Six

Five words: I love this book series.


It is everything that I have ever wanted to read. Really. I found this sequel to ‘I am Number Four’ to fulfill my expectations on what I thought it would be.

It was full of action, drama, and slight romance. (Which is everything I love)

This novel introduces new characters and develops them at the same time, which is awesome. There are always new twists and turns, and I never felt bored while reading it.

Like its title, this novel had more of Number Six in it, but the novel was never from her perspective. Instead, it flip-flopped from Four’s perspective to Seven’s.

At first, I had no idea whose perspective was whose, because it doesn’t tell you, but then I finally noticed that the font was different when they changed perspective.

This novel follows the journey of Four, Sam, and Six as they avoid the police and the aliens who are intent to kill them. It also features the addition of Seven and a few other surprise characters. I don’t want to give away anything for those that have not yet read the book, but there is also a huge betrayal. đŸ˜‰

The ending was a trainwreck for the characters, which makes me excited for the next novel.

I will 100% be looking for the next book in this series at the library when I go again.


Happy Reading!




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